A new startup PhotonGrill is turning up the heat in outdoor cooking and reaching out to the community to kickstart the production for an inflatable high-powered solar BBQ.

The extraordinary PhotonGrill BBQ is 100% fireless, fuel free and completely solar powered. It offers ultimate portability, weighing in at just 3kg and only 5kg complete with convenient backpack, solar optimised pan, tongs and air pump. With a three minute set-up time, users can be throwing their steak, burger or sausages on the barbie in under 10 minutes as a temperature of 260◦c is reached within five minutes.

Fire bans were the motivating factor for PhotonGrill founders, Clemens Lehner, Michael Albrecht and Fabian Massiczek to develop a fire and fuel free, solar powered barbecue. And, as barbecuing is an Australian tradition the trio believe PhotonGrill will be a ‘must-have’ for Spring/Summer 2016. Whether at home, on a picnic, at the beach or camping – PhotonGrill is a convenient and safe option during fire bans.

“We love to barbecue!” PhotonGrill Cofounder Clemens Lehner explains, “We discovered a technology to make a solar BBQ portable and provide those without a garden or backyard to BBQ, the freedom of outdoor cooking wherever they want.” After many years of researching and experimenting the technical development of PhotonGrill has been finalised”.

“The ultimate goal in product development has always been maximum portability, ease of use and high performance for us. This allows for use not only in city parks, but also for more adventurous excursions and also day trips”. continues Lehner Living High Tech with NASA Knowledge

The basic principles of the BBQ are based on a parabolic mirror that concentrates the sunlight (photons) beams. The photons are focused onto a frying pan and then converted into high heat – this is basically not a new principle.

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