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GC Video 3 Earth Table 60 Hz

November 11th, 2016|

Did you know what a Ground Current is? Here is a Laboratory Demonstration of Ground Current at 60 Hz and at kHz frequencies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_C24l9ONKi0  

The Whole Living Festival – 4 December, Perth City Farm

November 4th, 2016|

What an amazing event and speakers! My tutor Nicole Bijlsma, Professor Marc Cohen, Dr Peter Dingle, James Fairbairn, Ajahn Brahm (who runs the best meditation retreats in WA), Damian Donogue (who has endless supply of wonderful products and knowledge how to use them). This is an event not to be missed!!! More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/164874037295365/  

Study Discovers Air Pollution Particles in the Human Brain

November 4th, 2016|

A new study from Lancaster University has discovered toxic nanoparticles from air pollution in large quantities in human brains. The researchers examined brain tissue from 37 people aged between 3 and 92 years old in the U.K. and Mexico. Magnetite, a type of iron oxide, was found in massive quantities in the samples – millions of particles per gram of [...]

Microwave radiation dangers in your home

October 26th, 2016|

Are you aware of microwave radiation dangers in your home? Magda Havas demonstrates how WiFi connects your laptop, iPhone and iPad to the internet via microwave radiation. You will also learn how WiFi base stations, portable phones and baby monitors constantly radiate microwave radiation. The Swiss Government feels that all of these devices have the potential [...]

700-year-old West African soil technique could help mitigate climate change

October 21st, 2016|

A farming technique practised for centuries by villagers in West Africa, which converts nutrient-poor rainforest soil into fertile farmland, could be the answer to mitigating climate change and revolutionising farming across Africa. A global study, led by the University of Sussex, which included anthropologists and soil scientists from Cornell, Accra, and Aarhus Universities and the Institute [...]

How Air Pollution Impacts Childhood Mental Health

October 17th, 2016|

Air pollution is a known risk factor for certain mental health problems in adults, but a new study also links high rates of air pollution to poorer psychiatric health in children and adolescents. To investigate this link, researchers from Umeå University in Sweden examined what is known as “register-based” data. All medications given to Swedish people are registered, and [...]

Tropics told to ban coral-killing sunscreen

September 23rd, 2016|

Tropical island nations should team up to ban coral-killing sunscreen products, following the example of Hawaii, a conference has heard. Chemical compounds in sunscreen lotions cause irreparable damage to reefs, which are crucial to the livelihoods of 500 million people in the tropics, scientist and policymakers said at the IUCN World Conservation Congress on 3 September. [...]

Do you know where to find a green painter?

September 23rd, 2016|

Or how to become one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4cudWLc4iU  

Depression: A revolution in treatment?

September 23rd, 2016|

Can our immune system cause inflammation in the body and alter our mood? Recent history is telling us if we want to make therapeutic breakthroughs in an area which remains incredibly important in terms of disability and suffering then we've got to think differently. It's not very often we get to talk about a revolution in [...]

Sustainable House Day

September 14th, 2016|

11 September was Sustainable House Day and we visited this Beach House in Fremantle, WA. Sustainable House Day is an event of the Alternative Technology Association (ATA). The ATA is a not-for-profit organization that exists to enable, represent and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. I find it a great way to [...]