Why the censorship, ABC?
“Wi-Fried”: Why fried?

What is the ABC trying to hide by taking down the Catalyst wifi report (February 2016) by Dr Maryanne Demasi? Who are they covering for?1 (Well, okay, that should be fairly obvious.)

Perhaps “ABC” is really an acronym for Abominable Broadcasting Censorship?

In a nutshell, the “public” broadcasting platform has caved in to industry (it’s not the first time) and its designated “scientific” spokespersons.

Briefly, in February this year, reporter Maryanne Demasi put together this Catalyst wifi report, entitled “Wi-fried”, highlighting the potential “hidden” dangers of wi-fi. However, she has now been suspended until September while an “investigation” into the episode is carried out. Evidently “the investigation was initiated after the ABC received complaints from viewers about the episode.”

The “complaints from [unidentifiable] viewers/the public” strategy has been trotted out many times before as a means of autocratic corporate entities suppressing information that might threaten their profit margins (or risk expensive litigation) lest the public catch on. Who are these alleged “viewers”? They wouldn’t happen to be captains of industry by any chance? It couldn’t possibly be people in high places with influence and intimidatory powers who happened to make the “complaints” could it?

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