House Healing Solutions




  • Perth and surrounds
  • Rest of Western Australia (on request; will incur extra costs as travelling from Perth)

  • South Australia (on request; will incur extra costs as travelling from Perth)

Hello. My name is Triin-Liis Harma and I am a qualified Building Biologist, trained at the Australian College of Environmental Studies (ACES), which provides the most comprehensive training in Australia and is the only college to offer Government accreditation. I am also a Practitioner Member of the Australian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB).

I consult one-on-one to homeowners, tenants, parents and soon-to-be parents, the environmentally and chemically and/or electrically sensitive, builders, architects, and commercial building owners, and integrate several fields into a holistic approach to the healthy home or office, from building and interior materials to electromagnetic fields, proper ventilation, mold and moisture avoidance.

I can work with your building designer/architect/builder to make sure that the building is not just green but supports the health of its occupants. I consider the site, building materials, building design, ventilation, lighting, furnishings, electromagnetic fields, water and air quality and any other personal requirements.

I can help you to create safe and healthy nurseries and homes for children, as well as educate parents of its importance in order to reestablish the balance of health for our children. I also give tips on hunting down truly healthy products for babies and children as most people believe that the products available on our supermarket shelves have been rigorously tested for any harmful health effects. Unfortunately this is not the case with most of these industries being self-regulated.

I am passionate about providing practical information and easy solutions to you and your family, so you all could prosper and be in good health.