111, 2017

What is in your air?

As a building biologist, I can review and report on many things related to the soundness of the home. But one thing I cannot observe with the naked eye are [...]

410, 2017

Baby Not Sleeping?

2709, 2017

Can Mould Make Me Sick?

2009, 2017

This can´t be right?!?

Did you know that Australia and New Zealand have the highest rates of allergies of the western countries affecting 25% of the population? • Food allergies affect 10% of children [...]

1309, 2017

Sustainable House day – this Saturday!!!

And there are some very exciting houses to see. Like this Granny Flat where strawbale and lime based plaster were used in order to have “breathable” walls.

809, 2017

Did you know…

...that pregnant and nursing women are especially sensitive to chemicals? It is because during pregnancy, a woman’s immune system has to work harder to protect both the mother and the [...]